April 27, 2010

1st Grade Achievement Kit : $14.97 (reg. $105.95)

1st Grade Achievement Kit 1st Grade Achievement Kit : $14.97 (reg. $105.95)
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The 1st Grade Acheivement Kit includes the following:

Type to Learn, Jr.: Type to Learn, Jr. provides an engaging and informative introduction to computer keyboarding skills for young children. The program feature a guided learning tutorial and exciting interactive games to motivate early learners.

Type to Learn, Jr. includes:

The Learning Center, a step-by-step guided introduction to the keyboard.

Three playful typing activities designed to provide a variety of challenges and rewards.

Game levels designed to enhance your child’s progress and provide new and enjoyable challenges.

Strong support for the development of correct posture and hand placement on the keyboard.

Printable progress reports to assess your child’s progress and share his achievement with the family.

Parent options that allow for the customization of lists and modification of activites to match your child’s needs.

Silly Sentence Maker: The Silly-Sentence Maker features 1st Grade lesson words. Play it for practice and review as you work with your child. Your child may need help reading words he has not yet encountered. Using the word cards, your child will try swapping different words to make the silliest sentences he can!

1st Grade Spelling Super Workbook: The Hooked on Phonics Spelling Super Workbook is packed with learning and fun. Inside you’ll find colorful pages loaded with activities the were designed to give kids practice in:

Spelling patterns
Beginning blends
Ending blends

Perfect for use at home or on the go, this workbooks will keep kids entertained and wanting to learn more!


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