January 7, 2010

20pk of Receiving Blankets : $10 (reg. $59.99)

20pk of Receiving Blankets20pk of Receiving Blankets : $10 (reg. $59.99)

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Choice of blue or yellow. Receiving blankets are very essential. They provide the child with the first blanket. A Today’s Baby Receiving Blanket is one of the best in the business because of their tremendous design and variety of colors. There are 20 baby receiving blankets in this pack and it makes an incredbile baby shower gift. A baby receiving blanket should keep baby warm and nice and cuddly. The Today’s Baby Receiving Blankets are madoe 100% brushed cotton flannel are machine washable.


  • joan

    this is a great deal

  • Verna

    Shipping is 9.99 flat- just to figure into price

  • Marlane

    I don’t have any use for these myself, but i am purchasing these for charity, they can either be used for a womens shelter, or ASPCA. Another thought i had would be to use these to make a blanket or coverlet, using these sewn together into one large blanket can be made into a quilt.

  • I love the idea of donating the blankets to charity, Marlane! Kudos!

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