April 9, 2010

2pk of Emerson USB Wall Outlet Chargers : $3.99 incl. S/H (reg. $19.99)

2pk of Emerson USB Wall Outlet Chargers2pk of Emerson USB Wall Outlet Chargers : $3.99 incl. S/H (reg. $19.99)
Charge your USB devices in a wall outlet. Great for cell phones, digital camera, MP3 players and other mobile devices.


  • Pam

    I would never order from Daily Checkout again. Yes, they take up to 3 weeks but they take your money the second day. Not a good way to do business.

  • john chrissinger

    Its true it takes them about 3 weeks to ship your order ???????????
    I Don`t understand that one……..
    I had thought it was not going to arrive, then one day it finally showed up

  • Julie

    I used this the first time it ruined my phone battery ($30.00 to replace!). They are not strong enough to charge most electronics (.02 I believe). I would not reccomend unless you know the minimum amps needed for your device. This information was not displayed anywhere I could find.

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