January 8, 2010

5 pk of Stylus for Nintendo DS Lite : 99 cents + Free S/H (reg. $4.99)

5 pk of Stylus for Nintendo DS Lite : 99ยข + Free S/H (reg. $4.99)
Original Nintendo DS Lite Stylus design that fit 100% with the console. Keep your screen free from scratches and fingerprints. Minimum purchase of 2 packs is required (total is $1.98).


  • Joan

    Great deal! Seems like my kids are always losing theirs. Stocked up! Thanks!

  • Debbie Ellis

    sounds really good, we will see. I ordered 3 packs that is the least it would let me. Not just the 2. But thats ok if they work.

  • Joan Johnston

    I had to buy 3 sets, but thats okay. I also ordered some more of the keychain flashlights. They make great little gifts. Thank you Karen for the great deals

  • Dale Crawford

    Can someone tell me if there is a difference between the stylus for the DS and the DS Lite?

  • Dale Crawford

    Well, I ordered and I only had to order 2.

  • Amy Baun

    What a great deal. I was very pleased and jumped on this right away when I saw this.
    My 7 yr old son loses these too often. I appreciated this offer a lot Karen.

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