March 24, 2011

6pc Monkey Keycaps : $4.49 + Free S/H (reg. $16.99)

6pc Monkey Keycaps6pc Monkey Keycaps
Now: $4.49 + Free shipping
Was: $16.99
Coupon: S0324LDLT (register on their site and click to get their newsletter to use this coupon)
Expires: 3/25/11
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Quit monkeying around with all those look-alike-keys and pop a perky primate on top. Monkey keycaps are stretchable durable covers that fit over almost any shape key. Each key features a unique color and facial expression.


  • Alexa Salomon

    Coupon doesn’t work – I registered – clicked to get newsletter and it still says

    “Sorry, the coupon S0324LDLT only applies to certain items. None of these items are in your shopping cart.”

  • kim

    coupon didnt work for me either…exact message

  • I think the code is limited to 2,000 uses. I sent them an email and will let you know what I find out.

  • Catherine Taylor

    I just used the coupon and it worked fine. I added the keycaps to the cart, added the coupon, and then when it told me it was only valid for members, I clicked through the link it gave. After I registered, it sent me back to my cart and said the coupon was valid.

  • Just tested the code and it worked. Alexa and Kim – Are you typing the code in or pasting it? If pasting, make sure there are no spaces before or after the code. If typing, make sure you don’t confuse the 0 with an O.

    @Catherine Thanks for the post!

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