December 4, 2010

9 Pairs of Women's Name-Brand Sunglasses : $9.99 + Free S/H (reg. $279.86)

9 Pairs of Women's Name-Brand Sunglasses9 Pairs of Women’s Name-Brand Sunglasses : $9.99 + Free S/H (reg. $279.86)
Price valid 12/4/10 only. 9 Pairs of brand name sunglasses at an incredible price! Cosmo, Revlon, Panama Jack, Apostrophy, Jaclyn Smith, Beauty Solutions and more.

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  • Emmes

    I purchased these and they weren’t the “Name Brand” sunglasses, but as stated this time around, the knock offs “Revlon, Panama Jack, CVS”. I ended up giving them away .. but won’t purchase these cheapo sunglasses again. I didn’t expect RayBans for this price .. but a little better quality, for sure.

    Other than that .. every other purchase I’ve made on (and there have been a lot!) .. I have been extremely pleased with. YOU GO GIRL!! ; )

  • Amiee

    I purchased these November 16 and I never received them so I can’t tell you if they are good or not but I can say that the company Graveyardmall is horrible. They do not answer emails regarding the service/shipping and finally when they do they give you a tracking link that does not work. I am pretty sure I am just out the money and will never receive the product.

  • Amiee – Did you email

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