May 5, 2010

Abuelo Pocket Watch : $3.39 + 99 Cent S/H (reg. $19.99)

Abuelo Pocket WatchAbuelo Pocket Watch : $3.39 + 99¢ S/H (reg. $19.99)
Only 99¢ S/H on each item (exp. 5/9/10). 15% off any order with code THANKS1498. For your Grandfather. Tell him “te amo” with this men’s silver- and gold-tone pocket watch.


  • Liz

    code did not work, said it did not exist

  • Sorry, Liz. Code is THANKS1498. 🙂

  • lo

    The Coupon did the same to me, said it did not exist… but the watch is still $3.99 regardless with only 99cent shipping. But… curious enough, I tried entering the code a second time and it took an extra 15% off.

    So… you may need to try the code several times before it works. Weird but it is what happened to me.

  • Richard

    Promo does’nt work. THANKS1498 Not the price principle If you advertise 15% discount deliver..

  • christie

    I used the 15% code on some towels they had on sale. It worked for them too! In addition to the sale price, and 99cents/item deal!

  • Richard – The code was working when I tested it. Unfortunately, I have no control over a store’s coupons. If they decide to pull a code, they certainly don’t ask me first or let me know. Also, I’m not advertising anything. Just sharing tips with people who find my website helpful.

  • BTW, code THANKS1498 is still working as of 8:27PM PDT.

  • Julie

    I just used THANKS1498, it worked as of May 9th.

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