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momnick8 03-23-2011 06:56 PM

Ace Hardware Big Spring Scratch and Save March 26-27

One in 1000 cards will have 100% off.

* No purchase required to obtain card and reveal discount. Offer available and valid March 26 and 27, 2011 only at time customer presents merchandise to cashier at a participating U.S. Ace retailer. Card must be scratched off in front of cashier prior to checkout and is valid only for merchandise presented at that time. Merchandise may not be added after discount is revealed. Customer may abandon all or any part of the transaction after discount is revealed. Discount applies only to the regular price of in-stock merchandise. Not valid for online, phone or special orders, rental, in-store services, gift cards, city stickers, and such other items that a participating store designates, or in conjunction with any other coupon, except Ace Rewards. LIMIT ONE SCRATCH CARD PER PERSON EACH DAY. Maximum discount value is capped at $500. Odds of winning: 100% discount, 1 in 1,000; 50% 1 in 500; 30%, 1 in 59; 20% 1 in 7; 10% 1 in 1.2. Winners of 100% discounts resulting in a prize of $25 or more must provide full name and address to cashier. SPONSOR: Ace Hardware Corporation.

I will definitely bring up merchandise worth $500 when I go and be prepared to abandon the part of the transaction I don't want.

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