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sablelulu 06-21-2012 12:19 PM

Survey New 6/21-texas?
HI all my survey 'buds' Another day on the research end of things and i wonder this might help someone in Texas,Carrolton ? Well before i give you info don't forget NEW ONES<<go to panel

NOW here you go (lucky person in Texas) and main thing just call and get in and registered since it comes from there and i have no idea why the send this to me its a really long letter of do's & donts an i dont need to put that here again its huge so call them and find out particulars --Other ones i left you some great one too.
S0 Texas dont get all the fun ..
God Bless each and everyone.
Have fun and SEND NO ONE Money :yahoo_smiley: They need u typingsmiley

D129 INCENTIVE $85.00
D136 INCENTIVE $60.00

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your interest in our studies!! You will be paid upon completion of the study. Please read over the detail first, and call us to sign up.

Ok to call until 9pm. If you know anyone interested, please pass it on. Thank you!

Joanne Luu

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