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sablelulu 08-10-2012 08:49 AM

Survey 8/10/12
:yahoo_smiley: I need to explain how these surveys work on these so you don't get confused then there is
then there is THEN you have InspiredOpinions is part of Schlesinger Associates, an accredited market research company. Who Heather at Schlesinger has wrote me over the yrs and she can send you cint surveys or others but you dont want to miss none cause i received one today looking for anyone (and Jesus knows i pray not)) with the Disease of MDS and this is what i received

Reference #: EDN12900562
Topic: MDS
Location(s): Telephone Interview
Duration: 60 minute
Incentive: Between $125.00 and $350.00
Date(s): Between 08/13/2012 and 08/14/2012


I have a survey but i think it would tag me and i dont want her to get confused JUST TELL HER MARYLOU SENT YOU SHE WILL BE FINE ./. Otherwise PLEASE SIGN UP AT inspiredopinons SO YOU can get invites like this ../ALL WEEK she has sent me ones for anywhere from 50 to 200 each and most are telephone interviews for health issues and if you own tivos //YEA PAID 50 FOR talking about your DVR SO COOL
I dont want to leave my friends out. Such a rough time for all i sure hope this helps

..I also do alot and i mean alot of research on the net for what is available from the gov. I read and i read again YOU WOULD not believe what you are entitled to and do not know so just ask me ,I have and will talk to Pres Obama again and again . I can help you get your colleage loan paid,,homes cheap, grants granted :0happy0194: did i say that?? IT IS THERE FOR THE ASKING YOU JUST HAVE TO READ ..ANOTHER little secret not pay for looking for anything go to THIS WILL HELP you find anything about anyone anywhere .and how . FREE Ran by the gov not pay for a person search its there..courts in other states ..its there ..death an birth records.. there BMV ..THERE ..all you need ..
I am the most resourceful person you will know ..just yell at me i can help ...YOU have a blessed day nice and pay it forward :bye_smiley:

gayle 08-10-2012 09:17 AM

thanks for the information

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