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sablelulu 10-25-2012 08:41 AM

Survey 10/25/12 New
:yahoo_smiley: Hey,how you doing? I am ok an soon going to Cleveland clinic to get all this mess of meds i am on checked out .Received a second opinion and they don't like how i been soo pray i am on the way of feeling much better .And i have a spinal tap at 3pm so lolo,do not envy that .
ANYWAY DID register for surveys with inspiredopinions ? if so try this ..i can tell you already it is about a kidney disease called...well starts with a P i dunno sorry i forget But register because remember all are going together/focuslinesurvey..etc
here it is Schlesinger Associates has a new research opportunity available!

Reference #: EDN12900756
Topic: Health Study
Location(s): Telephone Interview
Duration: 45 Minute interview
Incentive: $100.00
Date(s): Between 11/01/2012 and 11/09/2012

ALSO do not forget Seem to have alot in Fla,and other states where you show up you really make $$ but sign up cause i just did one over net for them so they do call,and send ones
A fun one where i have made money and gift cards is hotspex ever go there ..Carly is nice so here is another
Have fun .gl and God Bless ..always check everyday :bye_smiley:

gayle 10-25-2012 08:48 AM

I do get tired of doing surveys some times. Really don't enjoy answering a lot of questions then do many have answered same as me so I miss out. I do like getting gift cards and cash etc. So I will check these out. I think I'm already signed up with some of them. I do appreciate you posting when I know you are very busy doing surveys and that you go to the doctor and things. Pray you feel better soon. :smileyhugs: :smileyhugs:

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