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sablelulu 11-08-2012 08:18 PM

SURVEY New Nov 8th
:yahoo_smiley:This is not a survey per-say,but a great community who sends you things to test YES and nice stuff to but cannot say much,This is a great community full of great people comparing there likes and dislikes and you earn lots of gift cards too. NOW my only way to get you in is with my special community number (MODERATOR THIS IS NOT A PAYOFF TO ME IT) and the number is where i and the whole community has numbers as the otheres so all shared info is strickly private.Great place to compare notes on products,etc and learn where youcan get better deals and even surveys too!i dunno what you have to loose .YOU may even meet a friend so here this and register they will get hold of you ..This is a pretty special place and i asked for permission so you can get involved

do not forget and also was asked to go in my neighborhood but really its 100 miles about so 75 was not worth the gas
Not too much happing and if so i get back :bye_smiley:

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