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sablelulu 01-23-2013 08:45 PM

SURVEY New Jan 23 2013
HEY you all like the beta tester?? well try to see if you qualify for this
I think they send you some really nice headphones and if you work at
least 3 hours a day

SO COOL Hope someone here qualifies and
Started looking at old survey passwords and yes there is always hidden money somewhere so i found a 10.00 in then when i checked i have 17 now 18 and i am on my way to 25 with another 10 on ..yep they have surveys too that pay.. told you i was overwhelmed.. AND :victorysmiley:

YES i was one of the ESPN winners team Sakosky .. i am so proud
cause i thought i was playing hockey..and we won a trophy and not sure what that guy is doing running after another just to get
a quater back i dunno BUT i knew where all the wrec and qb and i did the big pick start of year ..not sure what i did but ESPN said i can pick draft next year .. I want Betty White somewhere,some blue laughing team.

Headsets are a necessity in today's modern office environment. Packed cubicles and thin office walls can make calls an annoyance to coworkers, whether it's a personal or business call. Listening to music or videos without a headset while your coworkers are around can also drive them crazy!

But the wrong headset can almost be as bad as no headset at all. Horrible sound, uncomfortable design, tangled cords, clumsy controls and more can make using some headsets a chore. Our client has the answer to your long work day using a headset. Go from a business call to blasting your favorite tunes without losing audio quality or comfort.

If you feel like its time to get a work headset that will meet your needs, we are inviting you to learn more about this fun new beta test. Qualified applicants will be people who can't live without their headsets, and use their company's unified communications system constantly. You must be willing to provide feedback to us daily. Click the link below to learn more about this project.

The Centercode Team

Please click the following link to apply for this test:

God lUck and God Bless ya :bye_smiley:

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