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sablelulu 03-02-2013 09:26 AM

New Survey March 02 2013
:bye_smiley: Had to check out brother Bartley' and his computer
I love the keyboard real quick ..surprise :smileyorange:

A survey for dog and cat owners!

As a member of the Advisory Panel, please take this fun survey
about dogs and cats!

Participants who complete the survey are eligible for one of
(10) ten $25 prizes to be chosen randomly.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in taking
this survey, PLEASE forward this email to them.

Here is a link to the survey:

We do not send unsolicited survey invitations.

You received this invitation because you are registered
at or this invitation was forwarded to you.

If you are not a member of the Advisory Panel and
would like to become one (it's free!) just go to: for details.

The Advisory Panel promises to keep all your information
completely private and confidential. We will not send you
any junk mail and we will not sell or reveal your name
or address to anyone

Bob and Varda

If you have any questions, write to us:

So God Bless and I am going home tonight after
dinner cuz i miss my cats

God Bless ya :bye_smiley: sablelulu Marylou (ohhh and Bartley)

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