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sablelulu 09-18-2013 12:43 PM

New Survey Sept 18 2013
:smileyorange: wow been a minute but I am moved and did it all myself
So sorry ,I have been tardy but most have all I do .. but this is new

So cool .Now you real developers and or computer brains can really make it big. I noticed too you might want to belong to the feed''RS .More info on jobs and then register at the Avira place good luck and do not miss out on Seems they are looking for help all over the states and 300 a pop it not bad..

Centercode Beta Test Opportunities To marylou sakosky The following beta test opportunity is an announcement made by Centercode on behalf of Avira. While Centercode is announcing this beta test to our community members, this test will not be managed by Centercode and therefore it cannot be accessed using your OnlineBeta account.

Participation in this test will require registering with this new community, which you will be prompted to do when you sign up for this beta test. To check out open projects for OnlineBeta please visit plus try this too

Missed you :bye_smiley: Bless you
Still unpacking ..and never ever moving..Place is beautiful and have a fireplace too...:0party0053:

Dear OnlineBeta Member,

As a beta tester, you’ve been able to enjoy the rewarding process of making products and software better. We know that the chance to see new products, shape technology, and voice your opinions on exciting new designs can be really addictive, and our client wants to reward your dedication and hard work with the opportunity to experience a revolutionary new product before anyone else.

You’re invited to join a new beta test for Avira Answers, an innovative platform for sharing tech advice, solving computer problems and searching for support. You will be testing a chat client and remote support tool which will allow you to work on computers anywhere in the world. By participating in this beta, you will also be testing the platform’s ability to securely and conveniently process payments right from the chat window.

Remember that a commitment of time and effort is necessary to provide high-quality feedback and thorough completion of any requested tasks. This project also requires testers to be fluent in English or German. Click the link below to learn more!

The Centercode Team

Please click the following link to apply for this beta:

gayle 09-18-2013 07:27 PM

glad you got moved and that you like your place clapping clapping

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