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Karen 02-08-2006 10:58 PM

OK Magazine
I've received several emails from people who wanted to get the deal on OK Magazine that their friends had told them about.

I talked to my friend, Cathy, at Best Deal Magazines yesterday and was able to get a pretty good discount for my shoppers. She said since the magazine is more established now, they've raised their prices. However, MyBargainBuddy shoppers can get an extra 35% off with the coupon code below! (I love having friends at these online stores!)

Anyways, you can get:

1 year for $9.87 (that's 51 issues at 19 cents per issue)


2 years for $16.47 (that's 102 issues at 16 cents per issue)

Regular price at the checkstand is $3.29 per issue!

Cathy said she anticipates the subscription price will steadily increase over the next few months, so if you want to renew a current subscription, right now may be a good time.

Extra 35% off a subscription to OK Magazine for MyBargainBuddy Shoppers

* Use code OK34OFF at checkout * (exp. 2/12)

kristinasmama 02-09-2006 01:55 PM

Thanks Karen
glow I just renewed my subscription with the two year price. What a great magazine. I get it every Tuesday and it is packed with all that juicy stuff you love to read about in line at the grocery store but never get to finish an article. If you like People magazine, you'll love OK. I got it when it was $3.49 for all my female family members. They, too, love it. Grab it before the price goes up!clapping

Modemouth 02-09-2006 01:59 PM

I sent of few OK's for Christmas gifts when it was cheap. Remember when THE WEEK was free and US WEEKLY was waaaaaaay cheap? Both of those became huge success stories.glow

Karen 02-12-2006 09:17 AM

This promo expires today!!

12win 02-14-2006 02:09 AM

Thanks for putting a great deal on this in your newsletter earlier. I just got my first issue. I think that I'm really going to enjoy it. clapping

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