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monkeybaker 02-09-2006 11:39 PM

Has anyone seen Brokeback Mountain?
Was it any good and is it a movie you could take your hubby and 16 year old daughter to? I've heard conflicting stories but thought I would ask here as you all are so well informed and helpful. thanks in advance, monkeybaker

pepper60 03-19-2006 06:01 AM

Waiting for it to come out on DVD
I haven't been to a movie at the theater in years.

I am waiting for this one to come out on DVD cuz I am
sure I will cry most of the way through it.

Michele 03-19-2006 12:10 PM

I haven't seen it and don't have any plans to. I'm not a cowboy movie kinda person. Here are a couple of places to read reviews on it. The first place is pretty descriptive.

Here's the other:

Hope these help someone.wavesmiley

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