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momnick8 02-10-2006 10:30 PM

Yahoo Online "Garage Sales"
Yahoo has several online "garage sales" where people can sell items without Ebay fees. But the downside is there is no feedback, and no recourse for fraud. I belong to a Bargains site in the South Louisiana area -

Because it is an offshoot of our FreeUse (like FreeCycle) group, I recognize a lot of names and feel more comfortable buying and selling. Also I often go buy in person, or have someone come to me to buy with cash. For instance I just sold a lot of Mardi Gras flags and still have a lot of Mardi Gras t-shirts and decorations on sale, and tomorrow I am going to a nearby neighborhood to buy 10 audio books for $20. I also have people pay me in either cash (in person), money orders, or paypal so I have more control. One man in the suburb of New Orleans called Metairie bought 5 of my flags after losing all his house's contents after Katrina. I am mailing his flags and he paid through Paypal.

If after a week or so, items don't sell, then I do put them on Ebay under Momnick8 (which I may do with the other Mardi Gras stuff soon).

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