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pepper60 09-25-2006 03:07 AM

Buy Skippy's Get $5 Off Giggle Gear

Collect the following items:

a. Two (2) labels from 18 oz containers of Skippy® Creamy
and/or SuperChunk Peanut Butter (the "Participating Products")
with UPC symbols

b. Original store receipt(s) dated between 8/01/2006 and
3/31/2007 with the Participating Products circled

c. Original store receipt dated between 8/01/2006 and
3/31/2007 showing purchase of Cranium Mega Mask with the
product circled

Complete the form:

To receive your $5 rebate, complete the form from your
Skippy® label or download a copy here.

Mail it all to us:

Send your Skippy labels and store receipts to:
Giggle Gear Rebate
PO Box 410451
El Paso, TX 88541-0451
(This address is also printed on the back of some
Skippy labels.)

Kelly 09-25-2006 05:29 AM

thanks pepper. i buy skippy..clapping

pepper60 11-12-2006 05:38 AM

bump :yahoo_smiley:

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