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diamondfx 10-18-2006 10:38 AM

Introducing Myself
wavesmiley Hi! I've been coming to this forum for about a week and figured I'd join so I could show my thanks and post freebies/sweepstakes that I might find!
You can call me either DiamondFX or Stacie, I answer to both... I'm 27 years young, happily married to Alex.. and have one beautiful little boy, Austyn. We live in SouthEast Georgia.
I am a stay at home mom and spend a lot of time online... you'll find me on here a lot.
:0party0053: Who wouldn't love to find their mailbox overflowing with free stuff! :mailsmiley: I know I do! :0party0002:
Much Love

sckayla 10-18-2006 11:02 AM

Welcome Stacie, Glad you joined us. wavesmiley

gayle 10-18-2006 11:07 AM

Glad you joined us we always welcome someone new . wavesmiley

Modemouth 10-18-2006 11:36 AM

Welcome Stacie. Get ready to make your mailperson work harder!

diamondfx 10-18-2006 11:46 AM

Thank you all for the welcome wavesmiley & Oh YES! My mail lady has already asked me where to put the mail at if its raining.. because it will not all fit in the box everyday.

pepper60 10-18-2006 12:28 PM

So happy you joined us Stacie.
For sure, your :mailsmiley: will be overflowing!!

Samm1218 10-18-2006 12:48 PM

Hope you have a good time, it's great here....i love this place...:happysmiley: :happysmiley: :happysmiley:

Rae 10-18-2006 01:53 PM

WELCOME! I know you will continue to love it! I do! Karen and the gang are the BEST :heartssmile:

Kelly 10-18-2006 05:55 PM

this is a great place to be. i love this place and i know you will too. dont forget to play the games too!!

diamondfx 10-18-2006 08:25 PM

Thanks all for the welcome...& I guess I'll have to check out the games area

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