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Modemouth 02-15-2006 06:01 AM

FREE "You can be a nurse" coloring book and pins

free "you can be a nurse" coloring books for kids(in english or spanish) and pins.

pepper60 09-29-2006 04:44 AM

Free Nursing Gang Book Covers, Pins, and More

Free Materials

Use this form to order FREE materials to help promote nursing.

Choose from brochures, posters, pins and videos below.
Or call 1-888-981-9111 between 8:30 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.,
Eastern Time.

Due to high demand, quantities are limited by order.
If you require bulk amounts, please contact us by emailing or calling 1-888-981-9111.

Kelly 09-29-2006 10:14 AM

cool, thanks:thumbsup:

Krissy 09-29-2006 10:25 AM

Thanks :thumbsup:

Sugar 01-09-2007 11:35 AM

:0sign0178: Thanks Mary.

Donia 01-10-2007 08:40 AM

thank you,

Modemouth 01-10-2007 08:48 AM

Little did I know when I posted this offer that my starving fine artist daughter would decide to go to nursing school like her GMama and Mama. She starts her basic courses in a week and is on the list for nursing school in 1 1/2 years. I am thrilled so many people are choosing nursing as a career. :thumbsup:

Kelly 01-13-2007 02:33 PM

thanks, have received this offer:bye_smiley:

Christine 01-31-2007 04:31 PM


Modemouth 01-31-2007 07:34 PM


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