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Carter29072 11-18-2006 02:07 PM

Looking for a great gag gift!
I saw some great gag gifts for posted on here about 2 months ago. We go to a christmas part every year and we each bring a gag gift. It is always a ridiculous present that nobody would want but everybody "fights" over the worst ones. We draw numbers and the lucky person ends up with the worse gift. Please help me find something great. One year I got a pink polka dot ugly nighty from Kmart (so, so ugly)! Last year I got a rapping Santa. Please give me some ideas if you have any. Spilsbury has some things but would like to know if anyone has seen something that they think is especially ridiculous! Thanks!

Christine 11-18-2006 06:53 PM

How About Fake Vomit Or A Whoopie Cushion.
You Could Always Get Thong Underwear Or A Nipple Ring.

VERA 11-18-2006 09:35 PM

Gag Gift
Yeah, Get Them A Donald Rumsfeld Doll Rummy. I Seen Them At Big Lots Clearanced For $5 . It Talks And Says All The Dumb Things That Rumsfeld Was Known For In Office Before He Left.

Karen 11-19-2006 12:22 AM

This site has a bunch of funny gifts. Like these:

Talking Toilet Paper Roll Holder
Item No: 26859
Price: $14.98
Now Your T. P. Talks Back! Your guests are in for a big surprise when they rip off a few sheets of bathroom tissue. As soon as they pull the paper, the motion-activated toilet paper holder automatically plays your clever recorded message. Tiny digital recorder inside lets you record hilarious warnings, such as "You really need to eat more fiber" and "Leave the seat down, please." You can record up to 6 seconds and change your message any time. Includes on/off switch. Uses 2 "AA" batteries, not included.

Singing Christmas Coal
Item No: 63111
Price: $16.98
This animated Singing Christmas Coal is for the one who's been naughty! Sound-activated rubberized lump of coal bounces AND sings (in a grumpy voice) an original song about being bad and getting coal for Christmas! Your naughty recipient will be too busy laughing to be ashamed he’s getting coal! With on/off switch. Uses 3 "AA" batteries, not included. 6.5" tall. Limited quantities.

Auto Reindeer
Item No: 64515
Price: $15.98
Dress-up your car with our Auto Reindeer kit! Spread holiday spirit and amuse everyone stuck in mall traffic with these plush 16"H reindeer antlers (that jingle!) on your vehicle's windows and big red 6" diameter nose on its grill! Attaches easily.

Mother-In-Law Nutcracker
Item No: 81897
Price: $19.98

This Mother-In-Law Nutcracker is not called the "nutcracker" for nothing! This stern battle-ax stands ready to offer hilarious put-downs 24 hours a day. She doesn't discriminate either. She has 6 insults each for sons-in-law and daughters-in-law. Lift the handle on its back and wooden, hand painted figure utters such classic sayings as "You never bring my grandchildren to see me!" and "My daughter is too good for you!" in a voice that peels paint. With three-way switch for off, son-in-law sayings, and daughter-in-law sayings. 15" tall.

Singing Bubba Claus
Item No: 81899
Price: $21.98

Santa’s very busy this year so he’s turned the entertainment over to his Southern cousin, Bubba. This Singing Bubba Claus™, a clever plush figure, sings countrified selections from 6 of your favorite Christmas carols you won’t soon forget. He sways from side to side as he sings and strums his banjo to such lyrics as "Joy to the world, Bubba has come to spread some redneck cheer." He's certain to be a holiday favorite as long as there are cars up on blocks. Uses 3 "AA" batteries, not included. 12" tall.

Samm1218 11-20-2006 09:43 PM'm going with the anti-flatuance underwear posted under the freebies....that is a laughing blue laughing

Karen 11-20-2006 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by Samm1218'm going with the anti-flatuance underwear posted under the freebies....that is a riot..

Oh, man! Don't dig up that old post! lol I was laughing so hard I was crying when that one was first posted. :0happy0194:

Samm1218 11-20-2006 09:50 PM

lol..thats what actually made me become a member....:0happy0194:
well that and my 1inch square piece of land in hawaii, where I will be holding my hersheys house

Karen 11-20-2006 10:55 PM

Yeah, those were sure funny! ;)

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