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pepper60 01-09-2007 08:25 PM Survey Panel - JOIN
For most surveys, we will send you an e-mail invitation to participate. This invitation will include a link which will take you directly to the given survey. In most cases, this link will be protected so that only you can participate in the survey and the link cannot be randomly e-mailed for others to use.

On rare occasions, you may also be contacted (via e-mail or phone) and asked whether you would be willing to participate in an in-person focus group. These groups are organized for very targeted research needs, and all agreeing participants receive compensation.

On average, most Advisors receive one to two surveys per quarter. Some Advisors will receive more, some less. Advisors should also expect to receive one to two reminder e-mails for each survey they are invited to take.

In many surveys we ask questions about your household, employment, age, gender, racial background, and other demographic information to help us correctly classify your responses. Additionally, this information helps us ensure we have an adequate representation of all Americans. However, please remember that this information is stored in a protected, confidential database and that Loyola Press will not try to sell you anything through this site, nor will your personal information ever be sold to a third party for any reason. Survey results are reported in aggregate.

Your survey responses are combined with responses from other Advisors and all personally-identifying information is removed. Loyola Press then uses your opinions to help shape the future of our products and services.

Our surveys range in length from a few minutes to 30 minutes. We respect your time, so whenever possible we try to keep the survey length below 10 minutes. Each survey invitation will state how long we expect the survey to take so you can plan your time accordingly. For longer surveys, we will usually allow you to leave the survey and come back at a later time to pick up where you left off. Please note that completion times can vary significantly based on the speed of your Internet connection and/or browser and the degree to which you choose to reflect on questions.

As a thank you for your time, we will offer you some sort of reward for your participation as often as we can. In some cases, this may be an entry to win a cash-prize or a special give-away. For other surveys, we may offer each participant cash, gift certificates, or Reward Points. Accumulate Reward Points and redeem them for your choice of Amazon or Target gift certificates.

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