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Jakeysmom 02-27-2006 03:28 PM

Bridesmaid/Prom Dresses on auction now
Due to an Ebay glitch my auctions for these dresses were accidentally deleted about 2 weeks ago. I've just been able to repost them. I have some others I'll be posting this week--different styles and sizes. These are beautiful dresses from highly reputable designers. I'm selling them for a friend and they all retail for nearly $300 or more.

*Remember, 50% off shipping costs for MyBargainBuddy users who win one of my auctions. If you win more than one, there's more savings--which I will determine based on total weight. :thumbsup:

If you win an auction, let me know you are a MBB user and we'll go from there.

Here's a link to my auction page:


Jakeysmom 03-05-2006 10:39 AM

Great auction deals ending today!
The auctions for these beautiful dresses are ending today--in just a few hours. All dresses are still under $60---which is a bargain considering they retail for nearly$300 each! clapping

You can get a dress for that spring wedding or if your daughter has prom coming up.


Jakeysmom 03-07-2006 11:33 AM

More auctions to come this week
The auctions mentioned in the previous posts have ended, but I'll be posting more auctions for dresses this week.

I'll let you know when they're up. :happysmiley:


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