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Krissy 07-22-2007 07:24 AM


Manda has been a very active member of MBB since Feb 2006. She is smart and sassy and always speaks her mind!
Enjoy your week Manda clapping

Name: Amanda

Age: 29

State of residence: Kentucky - GO BIG BLUE!

Occupation: HVAC Service Dispatcher

Married/Single: Happily married to Nick for almost two years now!

Children? Meredith (10) & JJ (8) from a previous marriage along with the newest addition, Noah (10 months)

Favorite food: chicken

Favorite movie: The Notebook

Favorite book: Harry Potter series

Hobbies: playing with my kids, watching movies, reading novels, surfing the net, playing board games

Words to live by: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. -Eleanor Roosevelt

Karen 07-22-2007 09:15 AM

Congratulations, Amanda! Love your posts and all the cute pics you include of your son. Thanks for being such a great member! :)

Sugar 07-22-2007 09:36 AM

Congratulations Manda! What a cute picture of you and your son. Enjoy your well deserved week in the spotlight! clapping

bluebird 07-22-2007 10:05 AM

Congratualtions Manda. Enjoy your week! Your great.

specialk 07-22-2007 10:33 AM

Congratulations Manda on your week in the spotlight, enjoy!!!!! Ps- that lil boy of yours is so adorable!!!!

pepper60 07-22-2007 10:46 AM

Welcome to the spotlight...hope you have a special week.


Modemouth 07-22-2007 10:52 AM

Enjoy your week Manda! :0party0006:

Kelly 07-22-2007 12:13 PM

that is a good picture of you and your son. i hope you enjoy your week in the spotlight. congrats:0party0006::0party0006:

quizme 07-22-2007 12:42 PM

Congratulations, Manda!!! :thumbsup:

juliesvoyage 07-22-2007 02:06 PM

Congratulations, Manda! This is your special week. :D I hope your enjoy it!

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