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JeffGordonsNo1Fan 03-10-2006 12:22 PM

I am still unsure how to get a picture IN the middle of a post...I know it can be done because MODEMOUTH is an expert! i dunno

How do you do that?

Modemouth 03-10-2006 12:25 PM

I download my images to FREE site and then copy and paste the [IMG]photo[/IMG] to my posts.

Is this clear?i dunno

meandn 03-12-2006 11:33 PM


Originally Posted by Modemouth
I download my images to FREE site and then copy and paste the [IMG]photo[/IMG] to my posts.

Is this clear?i dunno

Thanks...I was wondering how you did this, too! I have now registered and placed a shortcut to the site on my desktop for the next time I want to incude an image in my posts! I can hardly wait to try this out. Isn't it great how we are all becoming more savvy users by helping each other? I love this place! :O)

JeffGordonsNo1Fan 03-13-2006 06:36 AM

Testing it out...
Lets see if I can do it....if so we will all see my dream car:


JMBred 03-13-2006 07:08 AM

We dream alot alike, darn that is one gorgeous car!! Any sweepstakes, would love to win one!! lol

Modemouth 03-13-2006 07:09 AM

Nice car! You got it!

JeffGordonsNo1Fan 03-13-2006 07:19 AM

When I can afford the mechanic, I can have it...
Husband is a mechanic and he says when I can afford another mechanic that is willing to work on it then I can have that car....hmmm, I see a part time job in my future! I see that car going down the road and I get all giddy every time! Wouldn't it be GREAT to win something THAT nice? of course the taxes would suck, but well worth it! ---oooohhh!!! I WANT ONE SO BAD!

charlottesue 03-13-2006 06:54 PM

I want Mary to come to my house and help me download some of the neat pictures that she posts......she has one for every occasion......every day that :heartssmile: wavesmiley :D

Karen 03-13-2006 07:14 PM

Nice car! Maybe when the kids are all grown up. It would be a crime to find cookie crumbs and dirty socks in a car like that! ;)

NordyGirl 03-14-2006 06:22 AM

That is a gorgeous car. Nice job putting the pic in too. :)
I learned something new today too! clapping

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