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pepper60 08-18-2007 02:50 AM

Corporate Angel Network - Free Flights for Cancer Patients to Treatment Centers
Corporate Angel Network is the only charitable organization in the
USA whose sole mission is to ease the emotional stress, physical discomfort and financial burden of travel for cancer patients by
arranging free flights to treatment centers, using the empty seats
on corporate aircraft flying on routine business.

Based in White Plains, NY, Corporate Angel Network occupies an
office donated by the Westchester County Airport. 50 part-time
volunteers and five paid staff work with patients, physicians,
corporations, flight departments and leading treatment facilities to
arrange 2,500 flights a year.

Eligibility to participate in our program is open to all cancer patients,
bone marrow donors, and bone marrow recipients who are ambulatory
and not in need of medical support while traveling. Eligibility is not
based on financial need, and patients may travel as often as necessary.

Thanks to the generous cooperation of 500 of Americaís top corporations, including 56 of the top 100 in the Fortune 500, Corporate Angel Network has coordinated more than 25,000 flights since itís founding in 1981.
The program offers an obvious and meaningful benefit to cancer patients along with the opportunity for companies with corporate aircraft to provide a wonderful community service by merging business activities with social responsibility.

Contact Inforamation:

Kelly 08-18-2007 08:43 AM


pepper60 10-06-2007 06:37 AM

Bumping to help those in need. :thumbsup:

MagiePerdu 10-06-2007 12:19 PM

Totally awesome! My BIL has had lung cancer for years. He just had a port put in to administer pain medication last week. He's feeling no pain, but had other complications from the surgery. Unfortunately, they also found a tumor in his stomach when they were putting in the port. It doesn't appear that he will be with us for long into the new year.

It is wonderful that corporations are willing to assist cancer patients in this way. Thank you for sharing some good news with us, Pepper.

pepper60 05-07-2008 02:37 AM

We can help others when we share the information about this org.

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