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orion 03-13-2006 08:43 PM

Need a good free ecard site
Does anyone know of a good site that had really neat free ecards? Any help would be really appreciated.

Am hunting for one for St. Patrick's Day so I can send it to my family and friends. My grandfather was Patrick O'Donnell, born on St. Patrick's Day, so I've got a wee bit o' Irish in me. :D

Karen 03-13-2006 08:53 PM

Hallmark has free ecards

Lori Ann 03-13-2006 09:05 PM


Go to freebies...under the free polo shirt offer if you hit the home page I think they do a lot of free ecards:thumbsup:

Lori:happysmiley: Ann

Erin46 03-13-2006 09:07 PM

My fav e-card site.
wavesmiley I really like 123 greetings - Great variety and you can pick the date you want to send your card. :heartssmile:

charlottesue 03-14-2006 02:19 AM

ALL-YOURS.NET has a big selection and a lot of nice cards.........:D :thumbsup: :heartssmiley:

Christine 03-14-2006 06:34 PM

I'm going to bookmark these sites. thank you everyoneclapping

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