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lindsey-star 02-01-2006 09:23 PM

Post Icons
Here are just a few hints about using post icons. They are not steadfast rules, but they help others looking through the post to understand the purpose, intent and importance of the post.
  • Memo --- This is the general post icon.
  • Arrow --- This is a “highlighter.” Best used for posts people would need to look for on a future date as well as now. (Informative posts)
  • Light Bulb --- Ideas, Tutorials ;) and the like.
  • Exclaimation --- This should be only used for Alerts. This includes important posts by the administrator (Karen) and posts that are important for her to see. (Technical problems and Navigating problems)
  • Question Mark --- Have a question to ask? This is the best attention getter for that purpose.
  • Thumbs Up --- Recommend a product, bargain, freebie, sweep site or suggestion.
  • Thumbs Down, Mad, Sad --- Opposite of thumbs down. :D

This isn't all the post icons you have to chose from at the bottom of the "Post New Thread" page. The other post icons are also a nice way to show your feelings on that post.

Happy bargain hunting! :heartssmiley:

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