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Christine 01-12-2008 12:56 PM

Exercise Your Blues Away
Aside from keeping hope alive that spring will come, one thing you can do to lift your mood is exercise. Even a little activity can help elevate your mood and I've put together just a few ideas to help you get moving:
  • Take a walk. Walking can be its own little meditation and meditation has been proven to reduce stress. Walking is so rhythmic and automatic that you don't have to concentrate on what you're doing. Once you get your body moving, you can let your mind roam free and work through your bad mood.
  • Work up a sweat. A good, hard cardio workout is a great way to burn off tension and get some endorphins pumping through the system. Even if it's just a short workout, try really working up a sweat to turn your mood around.
  • Relax with some stretching. While hard workouts are my favorite for working through a gloomy mood, there's nothing like a quiet moment with the body and the mind. If you're tense, an easy stretching workout is a great way to take a mental vacation from the doldrums and focus on feeling good.

Oceangirl 01-16-2008 01:13 PM

So simple, yet sometimes so elusive.

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