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pepper60 03-05-2008 04:08 AM

$50 Beer Study for Men ages 21-29 - Portland, OR area
Attention: Males 21-29 years of age who drink Domestic Economy Beer.

The Gilmore Research Group, a highly accredited marketing research company, is currently undertaking an especially interesting project which we hope you find fun and exciting! We are looking for men in your area
to discuss economy beer!

Data collected is for research purposes only.

For your cooperation, you will receive a total of $50 for 10 minutes of
your time at the conclusion of the project You can also get an additional $20 for referring your friends (your friends must qualify and participate)!

Please call so that we may ask additional questions to determine if you qualify: 206-219-1947. Or you can also call 1-800-573- 4498. Just ask
for the Beer" study.

Seating is limited so call today!

In advance, we thank you.
-The Gilmore Research Group

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