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pepper60 03-10-2008 11:51 AM

$300+ Market Research Study - Austin, TX
Unique market research opportunity!


We want to speak with Caucasian 23 – 25 year olds in Austin on
either Thursday, March 27th or the following week.

We are looking for an incredible mix of forward thinking, articulate
youths who feel they are ‘ahead of the curve’ when it comes to
what’s going on in urban culture.

We aren't necessarily looking for fashionistas but we are looking for
people who are involved in CREATING culture: artists of any sort,
tech gurus, musicians, graffiti artists, break dancers, DJs, crafty folk, interior designers, architects, graphic designers, those with exotic
jobs, government and non-profit name it, we want it!


Would be a 3-hour chat/interview with you and two of your friends
at your home (just you for the first hour, and then all of you for the
last 2 hours).

We also ask that each of you complete a BLOG prior to the interview
so that we can get a deeper perspective on your lives. We will give
you topics each day for a week to write about. You must do the blog
in order to participate!

The best blog will win a Video I-pod or if you already have one, a prize
of the same monetary value. We aren’t interviewing that many people,
so your chances of winning are 1 in 12! You must do the blog in order
to be interviewed and get paid.


Will be $250.00 for the lead participant (as you will be helping us
find your friends and would be a longer interview) and $175.00 for
each of your two friends. Also, we will pay you $50 to fully complete
the blog, plus a chance to win a video iPod (or the cash equivalent if
you choose) for the most creative and rich blog.


If you are interested in participating (or know someone in the age range/location who is) please visit the following site and fill out all
the information completely and we will be in touch ASAP.

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