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Tammy 04-15-2008 03:41 PM

I remember when.........
I remember when......

I rode my tricycle off the pourch and broke my collar bone. I was 5 years old. I still hate that spot in the yard !!!

bikerbabe 04-15-2008 03:45 PM

Iremember when All I did was live ( it seemed ) in
hospital`s/ Doctor`s cause they didnt know what was
wrong with me...Before they diganosed me with siezure`s

voleyball 04-15-2008 04:58 PM

I remember when I was younger spending everyday of the summer outside with my dad... I am such a daddy's little tomboy!!!I love my dad!!:smileyhugs:

travlfreek 04-16-2008 06:20 AM

I remember when my daughters were little and all the funny things they did!

Krissy 04-16-2008 06:30 AM

I remember when i was taller than my son.....

travlfreek 04-16-2008 11:52 AM

I remember when my first grandchild was born!

Dartman 04-16-2008 12:05 PM

I remember my dad being in the stands of every single game I ever pitched. For 9 years I cant remember him ever missing one. I could pick his voice out of a crowd no matter if it was 25 people or 200 hundred........

Krissy 04-16-2008 12:54 PM

I remember being able to stay out till dark when i was younger without any worries

Christine 04-16-2008 01:00 PM

I remember waiting in line for hours in the 1970's for gas!!!

beanie 04-16-2008 03:41 PM

I remember the Ice Cream man coming down the street when we heard the music playing....

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