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SNOWBEAR3 06-24-2008 05:59 PM

Wendy's Coupons for Michigan Residents
Wendy's Coupons for Michigan Residents

I don't know if there are sites for other states, but this one is for Michigan Only. As far as I know this is an official Wendy's site.

The current set of coupons expires June 30th, 2008, at which time they will issue new coupons. I've been using this site for a few months now, and you can print as many coupons as you wish. Also, on the back of the receipts you can take a Web survey and get a code for a FREE float (YMMV on the Web survey...our local one will also let you get a Frosty instead).

There are currently 4 coupons that print when you click any one of them:
1. Buy a Single get a Single Free
2. 2 Chicken Sandwiches for $5 (original, grilled or spicy)
3. 2 Double Cheese for $5
4. $1 OFF any Large Garden Sensations Salad or Wendy's Combo Meal

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