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pepper60 07-07-2008 10:45 AM

$100-$125 Personal Care Products Study - Women ages 18+ - Chicago, IL area
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Focus Groups for Women 18+

In upcoming weeks we will be conducting focus groups on topics of PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS and we are looking to speak with women ages 18 years and older.

If eligible to participate, you will receive between $100 and $125 for taking part in a round table discussion lasting approximately two hours. These studies are held in downtown Chicago.

Our clients wish to speak with women that are using specific products. If you are interested please respond to this posting with the following information:

Your name –
Daytime/Evening phone #s -
Age –
Occupation –

And the brands you use most often of these following products:

A representative of our company may call you with further questions to determine whether you meet with our clients requirements for participation. If you are chosen a valid picture I.D. will be required of all participants.

Our studies are strictly for Market Research purposes and are designed to better our client’s understanding of their products and services. No attempts will ever be made to sell you any products or services, nor will any personal information be collected.

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