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pepper60 07-07-2008 10:56 AM

$175 Consumer Electronics Study - Portland, OR area
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Are you currently shopping for computer peripherals or consumer electronics accessories?
Do you plan to purchase within the next month?
What type of peripheral or accessory are you planning to purchase?

If these questions describe you, then we want to pay you $175 to shop and give us your opinion (plus 50% of the cost of your accessory up to $50)!

The Gilmore Research Group, a highly accredited marketing research company, is holding a study next week and we want to pay you to participate.

(Don't worry, we are not selling anything, we are not a telemarketing firm, and all of your information is kept strictly confidential. Data collected is for research purposes only.)

Please call to find out if you qualify: 1-800-573-4498 ext 145. Just ask for the "Tech Savvy" Study.

Seating is limited so call today!

In advance, we thank you -The Gilmore Research Group

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