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pepper60 07-08-2008 05:52 AM

$250 Asus Eee PCs Study - San Francisco, CA
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Nichols Research is looking for respondents to participate in a research project regarding "User Experience Related to Portable Computers". We are particulary looking for current owners and users of an Asus Eee PC running on a Linux-based operating system. We are interested in knowing why and how people buy and use portable computers and how that has affected their personal, professional and family lives.

WHERE: Your own personal residence or office (in the San Francisco area)
WHEN: Monday, July 21st through Thursday, July 24th
TIMES: Various times
DURATION: 4 hours, plus a two-hour homework assignment to be completed 3 days prior to your appointment
INCENTIVE: Qualified participants who participate in this project will receive $250.00 as a thank you for their time and opinions.

If you currently own and use an Asus Eee PC running on a Linux-based operating system and are interested in seeing if you qualify, please email us back with the following information:

Your Name
Your Gender
Your Age
Your Daytime contact number
Your Evening contact number


PLEASE NOTE: We cannot extend an invitation to anyone without going through a preliminary questionnaire over the phone. Please be aware that you will not be scheduled for this study until you have been screened and officially invited.

We cannot guarantee that we will call back everyone who responds once a project has been completed. The project may be filled by the time you respond to this message.

If you know of someone who meets the description we are looking for, please feel free to forward this email. If forwarding, please email replies to

Thank you!


Nichols Research, Inc.

** If you have friends who may be interested in participating in upcoming marketing research projects, please have them register at


Privacy Protection Policy: Nichols Research, Inc. is a company that values your privacy. It is the practice of Nichols Research, Inc. and the Marketing Research industry to protect the identity of research participants. Your identity, along with personal demographic information, will be held confidential and not used for reasons outside the scope of the research unless with your consent. Our projects are conducted strictly for research purposes, not for solicitation or sales. To view our complete Privacy Policy, visit Should you have any Privacy Policy questions or concerns, please contact us at 'privacy at nicholsresearch. com', or call 510-794-2990 and ask to speak with Matt Crudo.

For more information about Nichols Research, please visit our website at

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