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CRamlow 08-26-2008 11:54 AM

$3 off 5 Soyjoy Bars
Fulfill your recommended daily allowance of optimism with $3 off the purchase of five SOYJOY® bars.

This online printable coupon is only available here on the SOYJOY® site. It is not available by mail. Limit one coupon per household. Simply follow the instructions below. You will be asked to accept and install our authorized software. This is a secure, automated step. Once completed, the personalized coupon will be automatically sent to your printer.

Visit our Where to Buy page to find out where you can go to get some SOYJOY® in your life. Please note that coupon policies vary from retailer to retailer and location to location. SOYJOY® cannot guarantee this coupon will be accepted at all retail locations.

Note: after entering your information you will get the print coupon page that looks like this: ang=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=SJ&p=80127&z=&r=&p c=&tc=

If you want your coupon mailed use the Help button from this window to order it by mail or try this link: 1&pt=&lang=&ws=&ct=&ci=&cl=&cp=&eb=1&c=SJ&p=80127& z=&r=&pc=&tc=

You can probably go directly to the coupon printing page and bypass the email entry one, I don't know for sure, so am putting all the information here.

pepper60 08-26-2008 12:20 PM

Thank you ~~~ I munch these at work

lionsrule2004 08-28-2008 09:12 AM

These are on sale at Meijer's for $1.00 each so I paid $2.00 for 5 of the bars. These are yummy.

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