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alice 12-15-2008 08:57 AM

New Surveys
Just got this in the email. Haven't checked it out yet but it LOOKS promising!
Hello DWYTO subscribers!

I spent the better majority of my weekend researching and adding new content to the DWYTO site. Between yesterday, the 13th, and today, the 14th, I have added 10 new research / survey companies you can sign up with. I spent a lot of time hunting these down, so I hope they will benefit you and me as well! ALSO, I have built a new section for DWYTO, called "Paid Opportunities in Your Area" where you can look, state by state, to see if there are any research or focus group facilities in your area! They are definitely a fun and profitable way to make a little money on the side. It is worth it to participate in these studies if you have the opportunity! I will be adding more companies to the list as I find them. If you know of any you'd like to see added to the new list, let me know!

Have a merry holiday season!
~Molly of DWYTO

Unsub anytime--just let me know you'd like to.

alice 12-15-2008 09:02 AM

and Kelly says these are good:

JennJenn 12-15-2008 09:11 AM

Thanks!! :thumbsup:

alice 12-15-2008 11:52 AM

I haven't tried this one yet either...

You could have earned cash today!
Why waste time scouring the web for paid surveys?
We'll send the opportunities to your inbox.
Sign up now, while it's FREE!

Update on this one: I had my doubts when they initially said I HAD to sign up with a bunch of other survey sites, some of which I knew I didn't like. Of course I didn't comply. Lately they advertised one that was a credit card sign-up giving you a $35 or so dollar rebate. Not my idea of a good "survey" plan.

Kelly 12-15-2008 01:39 PM

will check them out

alice 12-15-2008 02:42 PM

I do this one too. It adds up pretty quickly but it's not cash. And so far a lot of their rewards I either don't want or have to spend more to use. I just redeemed $15 into my borders card but it says you can only do that once per calendar year. At least this year is almost over!

esper_d 12-19-2008 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by alice (Post 627810)

I do this one too. It adds up pretty quickly but it's not cash. And so far a lot of their rewards I either don't want or have to spend more to use. I just redeemed $15 into my borders card but it says you can only do that once per calendar year. At least this year is almost over!

I have so much money there and keep getting so many surveys. I, too, have nothing to buy there. I might just get some Delta airline miles or something.

You can also get blockbuster movies, maybe I'll get those.

The Borders thing, I read the fine print before and they said they'll put only FIVE dollars per month for three months and if you don't use the five in that month, it expires. wth?

alice 12-19-2008 07:02 AM

I didn't see that fine print..but I'll tell you what happened so far! It was the end of October (?) and I mis-read or just didn't quite understand what the plan was, so I waited until November 1 to cash it out thinking that would give me more time to use it. It expires at the end of the month after you cash it out. So I get the email it wouldn't credit until December 1. They don't move it over until the NEXT month after you ask. It was probably December 2 that I went to the local Waldenbooks to use it. We don't have Borders here. I bought a book that was listed at full price but I had a 20% off coupon. Then she asked did I want to donate a book to Toys for Tots. So between those two I spent almost the $15. Then I find out they have an "outlet" type store two doors down. Had I known I would have gone there first! So I went there to spend the other few bucks. Found a book for $4 and the girl says oh we're not on line and I don't know how to ring up the card so I said okay I'll pay. Then, about three days ago I get an email from Borders saying as of 12/14 I have $15 in my account. I'm still trying to see if I can redeem it again on-line. Have to hit $25 for free shipping and haven't managed to get the right mix in the cart to finish! :)

edit update: what a pain! the girl at the store must not have rung the sale up right because i got all the way to the end on line at it says i have $15 in bordersbucks there. originally i'd gone into the brick and mortar thinking i could find better deals than on-line. ha! at least from what i've looked at the prices were better on-line. AND, you can get "send to store" for free shipping. not sure all this was worth it but i now have $15 more borderbucks to spend! hooray for incompetence! :)

alice 12-29-2008 07:21 PM

I just posted a pile of new surveys that were recently posted in this link. Check back for new stuff as it comes in!!

alice 01-05-2009 08:11 PM

some new ones!

Cook! is an exciting new section of Prevention magazine that's full of easy, healthy, and delicious recipes and useful information about healthy cooking. Now, you can be part of it.

The Cook! Recipe Test Panel is an exclusive group of Prevention magazine readers and members who will help us make the recipes and content in Cook! the best it can be. As a part of this panel, you'll receive occasional email surveys from us so you can share your opinion about articles, rate new recipes, and suggest recipes or ideas that might appear in future issues of Prevention magazine and on

Join the JOICO/ISO team

This is NOT a survey or a rewards company, but rather, a hair care company. Sign up to be part of their team and you might get some high end hair care products to try out! It's worth a shot, right? I have been on their mailing list for a while now, and they recently sent me the following email:

"We are proud to say that 2009 will be a HUGE year for the Joico/ISO family. We will be introducing several new products that will revolutionize the hair care industry, and we want to you to be in on the ground floor. Last year, you expressed interest in joining Joico/ISO mailing list. We want to give you the opportunity to sign up again for another exciting year of new product introductions, free sample give-aways, and special pricing/discount alerts for your favorite Joico/ISO Brands, including K-PAK, re:nu AGE DEFY, Design Collection and ISO. If you'd like to continue to receive information about our upcoming Joico/ISO offerings, click the blue "confirm to list: Joico New Product Releases"

Sincerely, The Joico/ISO Team"

Here is a link from their site to enter to get free samples AND to be entered into their contest:

And here is the link to join the JOICO team (I do not know if these are 2 different things, so sign up for each so you don't miss out!).

Enter the contest for January

Win CHLOE For Women By CHLOE
1.7 oz.
Click on the picture to enter the contest!


Happy New Year, DWYTO subscribers!

Here's wishing us all a prosperous new year! And how to we prosper? Hopefully, by making a little extra cash by completing surveys and product research studies. Usually, January is a slow time when it comes to receiving survey invitations. So I've been trying to find us some new places to sign up with. If you haven't already heard of the USA Talk Now Panel, then it's time to sign up! They pay you via cash, gc's, or with free products, for doing their surveys and for participating in focus groups. Here is the link to their homepage, the Join Now is on the right side of the page:

Now, here's some disappointing news about's Mystery Shoppers program. I had them posted on the site, and was waiting for them to make registrations available. Well, unfortunately, It turns out it will cost money to register with them! About $10 for 3 months, or about $30 a year. Usually, I would blacklist a company like this, but it is really too early to do so. Those of you who live in huge metropolitan areas might actually benefit from this program! That is, IF you are willing to pay their fee. It's small, but it's still a fee, right? And the whole point of DWYTO is to help YOU make money; so let's give it a few months and wait for some user's feedback.... unfortunately, I do not live in a big city, or near one, so I'm not going to be able to participate in their program. If anyone has any reviews on PremierShoppers, please do share them!

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