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connielynn39 02-04-2006 12:49 PM

Looking for Van Halen stuff

My daughter's long term 18 year old boyfriend, Ricky, loves this band and has for years he has told us. He has a lot of their stuff he has worked for, bought, and collected for a little while now. He is in 12Th Grade but has worked since before 11Th Grade.

My daughter and him are both 18, in 12Th Grade and go to school now half a day and they both work. Getting ready for College later this year!!!Both are very responsible young adults.

Ricky's birthday is in April. He is like a son to me. So I am looking now for that one of a kind great gift. But affordable I hope, lol.

He has a lot of their stuff, even one tattoo on his upper arm, but only one, lol.

He is looking for I guess you call it bootleg stuff? I am guessing it is legal. Of course I would only buy if it is legal. It is like tapes ppl made of them at their old concerts etc.. And they are selling them. He has not found any he can afford. Well not sure if he found any.

He has all the tapes and stuff I think that Van Halen put out. I bought him a book a while back and he had already gotten one book.

He loves that 80's music, lol. We get along good. I am 39 and I love the 80's music too,lol. Brings back memories for me. But Van Halen has been around a long time!!!!

Any thing you can find I appreciate. I am thinking if I can't find anything I might get him a big black case like to hold his stuff in. He even has Van Halen shirts, lol. He wears them a lot. I think all of them are black, lol.

Connie :D

Modemouth 02-04-2006 12:54 PM

I did a search on ebay for VanHalen and found 1,982 items. My daughter gets most of her music related stuff from ebay.

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