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Kelly 03-03-2009 12:47 PM

Join the just for parents panel

Parent Panel:
Our Parent Panel consists of parents nationwide who are invested in ensuring that only the best parenting products get into the hands of their fellow parents. To achieve this goal, Just For Parents sends products to our Parent Panel for their review. Each and every parenting product is used by multiple parent panel members, who review these products based on pre-established criteria. Panel members also give pointers about the best ways to use the products, which are tested for their usefulness, ease, and “down in the trenches” effectiveness.

Professional Panel:
Our Professional Panel consists of child development experts nationwide including child psychologists, pediatricians, teachers, and other child specialists who work with children everyday. Our Professional Panel is dedicated to ensuring that only parenting products that are supported by child development theory and research get into the hands of caring and concerned parents. To achieve this goal, child professionals test every parenting product, review these products according to pre-established research based criteria, and also give feedback regarding the best uses of these products. In particular, our professionals give guidance about potential, common pitfalls when tackling parenting issues and/or using the various parenting products.

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