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Krissy 07-05-2009 07:01 AM

Please welcome Tris....
Please give a warm welcome to Tris who thanks to MBB has become a samplerboxaholic :) Enjoy your week....

First name: Tris

Age: 40

State of residence: CA

Occupation: Homemaker

Married/Single: Single

Children? Grandchildren? 0

Favorite food: Chocolate

Favorite movie: Love Actually

Favorite book: She's Come Undone

Hobbies: computer, bargains, paper crafts

How you found my sister

Favorite money saving tip: always check my bargain buddy before you buy.

Words to live by: Think before you speak.

beanie 07-05-2009 11:17 AM

Welcome to the spotlight Tris! I hope you enjoy your week.

Sugar 07-05-2009 02:39 PM

Nice to meet you. Enjoy your week in the spotlight! clapping

bikerbabe 07-05-2009 06:25 PM

:signwelcome2:and Hope you enjoy your week:smileyhugs:

Modemouth 07-06-2009 02:31 AM

Enjoy your week in the spotlight!!! :smileyorange:

MagiePerdu 07-06-2009 03:20 AM

Hi there, Tris, and welcome to MBB and the spotlight! I hope you're having fun finding those bargain boxes and other goodies...we're glad to have the chance to learn a little bit more about you and welcome you to the spotlight! Enjoy your week! clapping :thumbsup:

Christine 07-06-2009 06:17 PM

Welcome to the spotlight. Nice to know you.

grams1952 07-06-2009 06:43 PM


grams1952 07-06-2009 06:44 PM

Wlcome To Mbb!!! Have A Blast!!!

Nice to get to know you... We are a fun group jump fight in and have fun!!!!:thumbsup:

gayle 07-07-2009 06:01 AM

:signwelcome2: to the Spotlight. Happy to have here. Enjoy your week. clapping clapping

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