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Karen 07-20-2009 11:07 AM

Please join me in welcoming Jennifer to the spotlight!

First name: Jennifer

Age: 34

State of residence: NC

Occupation: Office Manager

Married/Single: Single

Children? One Child

Favorite food: Chocolate

Favorite movie: Twilight

Favorite book: Twilight Series

Hobbies: Reading, Sewing, Shopping

How you found magazine article

Favorite money saving tip: searching the internet

Words to live by: Tomorrow is another day

bikerbabe 07-20-2009 01:16 PM

Welcome to the Spotlight:smileyhugs:

beanie 07-20-2009 02:23 PM

Hello Jennifer, and welcome to the spotlight. Enjoy your week!!

gayle 07-20-2009 04:45 PM

Welcome to the spotlight. Enjoy your week.clapping clapping clapping clapping

grams1952 07-20-2009 07:12 PM

happy to HAVE YOU..!!!!..

Christine 07-20-2009 07:45 PM

Nice to meet you:smileyhugs:

bockumangel 07-21-2009 06:27 AM

Hi Jennifer
Nice to meet you, My daughter loves the Twilight Series also. I must break down and start reading them. Have a great week in the spot light, and enjoy your fame !!!!:smileyorange:

Sugar 07-21-2009 09:18 AM

Enjoy your week in the spotlight! clapping

MagiePerdu 07-21-2009 11:50 AM

Hi there, Jennifer! It was great to "meet" you and learn a little bit about you. I've held off on the Twilight stuff, but may have to give in soon myself. Anything that popular has gotta have something going for it!

At any rate, I hope you enjoy your week in the spotlight!! :smileyorange: clapping :thumbsup:

tressa_4 07-22-2009 03:41 AM

Welcome Jennifer! From what I hear you have a beautiful state. No you personally, of course, but you know what I mean...

I'll confess, I'm like most of us. Fascinated by vampires. I have been since 'Abbott and Costello Meet Dracula'. However, I haven't seen 'Twilight' - these actors are the same age as my kids. The last vampire inspired idea I was totally hung up on was Buffy and Angel. Joss Wheedon is a wonderful creator and writer, in my opinion.

Anyways - we're very glad to have you!!!

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