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Campgirl 02-06-2006 06:26 PM

Anyone in the Sherman Oaks, Ca area?
Do you live anywhere near the Sherman Oaks Galleria? I figured out that the Ricolla Mystery Cougher is going to be there this week if you want to try finding him/her. Good luck!

madisongirl 02-21-2006 02:57 AM

Ricolla Mystery Cougher
Campgirl: Wow, thanks for sharing that information...too bad I live in Wisconsin...can't get much further away, and much colder....20 below zero last night!!
i am fascinated with this advertising gimmick. Its got my attention and I've actually bought their product....amazing how media works!:

How did you figure out the clue? I am really struggling with deciphering the clues, such as the one for this week...(see below). I SUCK AT THIS. :comp26: Do you have any particular strategy or am i just plain missing the boat? I love these types of clues and i've always been so good at them....but not this time. Maybe its a geography thing...i think i flunked that class in highschool. Anyway, if you don't mind sharing your secrets...i'd love to hear and if you can decipher the one below...i'd love to hear that too.

:As a self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur, the Ricola Mystery Cougher has been known to sample a local slice during each of his/her visits across the country. Catch the cougher headed for a local pizzeria this week and you can forget about anchovies, because you'll be ordering caviar on your next pie! This week you could catch the Mystery Cougher satisfying his/her craving at an authentic Italian hangout located on a street named for one of America's greatest presidents. While the cougher is a fan of pepperoni and mushrooms, the locals swear by the sausage at this downtown favorite."


Campgirl 02-21-2006 09:19 AM

If I remember...didn't we have to give our zip code when we signed up to receive clues? I just assumes that they would only give clues to a place we could easily check out. Hmmmmm.....If that's the case then my guess is the the cougher is going to be in downtown LA either on Washington Blvd or Lincoln Blvd. The only problem is that those are major streets and not anywhere I could easily go with my kidlets in tow. :( Of course it may be in a totally different state if I am wrong about the zip code. Good luck!

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