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travelerandrea 05-26-2010 12:45 PM

Karen's story in newsletter!!!!!!!!!!!!
dear karen,

your new home is sure keeping you busy !!!!!!!!!!!!!! my cat acts like moxie he will hound me till i clean his box after just 1 tinkle or if he barfed at 4 o'clock in the morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!! a mouse ran in my back door and the cat just looked at me with goo goo eyes and i had to chase it out of the small apt i live in. at least moxie barked about it. thank goodness you were home when she fell in the jacuzzi !!!!!!!!!!!!!! animals are like little children all their lives !!!!!!!!!!! my cat is 14. love your stories i get a smile on my face after reading them. thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!! from andrea burns :bye_smiley: :bye_smiley:

Mary C 05-26-2010 08:33 PM

Thanks, Andrea!
Here's Karen's story from the newsletter:



I woke up this morning, let Moxie out, then headed to the coffemaker, as is the routine. I got about halfway to the kitchen when Moxie started barking. Being a good neighbor, I went outside to quiet her down. Turns out she was protecting us from an intruder! A wayward mouse had fallen into the pool and had met his demise. Using the pool net, I fished it out, disposed of it, then went back inside for that much needed cup of coffee. As I was pouring, I heard Moxie outside, "YAP! YAP! YAP!" followed by, "SPLASH!" and the sound of frantic paddling. While chasing a bird, Moxie had slipped and fell into the jacuzzi! I went outside, fished her out, then brought her into the house and dried her off. Not since my kids were toddlers, have I had to deal with so many problems within 10 minutes of waking up!

Have a great day,

Nan 05-26-2010 08:54 PM

I got a smile from your story too, Karen. I could just picture this little bitty dog acting like a pitt bull!blue laughing

Kelly 05-27-2010 04:06 AM

too cute :p

Sugar 05-27-2010 01:20 PM

I like reading your stories too. Thanks for sharing with us Karen. :D

Christine 05-27-2010 04:36 PM

I too love Karens stories

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