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Modemouth 07-06-2010 07:05 AM

Tuesday, July 06 Mail Call

mom2acat 07-06-2010 03:40 PM

This is what I've got since Friday, but didn't see any mail threads posted.

Mrs. T's Pierogies coupons
free Us magazine
sample of All detergent
Ebay order
sample of Palmer's Hair Milk
free Guidepost magazine
free Cure magazine
free OK magazine
free 2011 Guideposts calendar

MagiePerdu 07-07-2010 05:46 AM

Got the OU stencil I was giving as a BD present and expected to receive Saturday;
Letter from my son :smileyorange:
Phone bill

beanie 07-07-2010 07:12 AM

forgot to get it, so I'll post it when I do

beanie 07-07-2010 08:56 AM

3 small trail packets of fever blister stuff, and dry mouth patch

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