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Default Dr. 90210

I watched here and there. I never have an appetite. I eat once a day. I have dinner with my family and about 3 times a week I eat lunch and I cannot lose a pound to save my soul. I think this man does great work but..........

I have a problem when doctors travel abroad to give free care and surgery to those in need while there are needs here and they cannot seem to find time for those surgeries. I worked and had GREAT insurance. When I lost my job the insurance went with it and I could not afford the $600+ a month to keep it. When I took the kids to their pediatricition I would pay $10 and the insurance paid $20. Yet when I had no insurance I was charged $70 after begging them for a price reduction. Then I see a news article about my sons doc giving free medical abroad. Needless to say my kids will not see Dr. George Harris again. I commend doctors who help those in need in other countries but what about the people here?

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