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Lightbulb How do I add a picture that will show up when I post?

If you would like to add a symbol, graphic or a picture of yourself that will show up whenever you post in this forum, click on "User CP" in the function bar at the top of the page. Once you have done that you will see a Control Panel on the left side of the page. Click on "Edit Avatar" and it will take you to a screen where you can pick from 11 pages of preset graphics or a custom avatar from a URL or your own computer.

If you are using your own, be sure it is a reasonable size or it won't upload properly. The file size recommended is 80 x 80 pixels (about 3/4 of an inch square) or 19.5 KB.

You can reduce the size of your file with any image editing program. The easiest way to do this is open it in the program and then go to File-->Save As-->and save your file as a .gif. This just changes the resolution and how many colors the file has to remember, but it won't make it look any different unless you will print the file, which is why we "Save As" to save it as a different file without replacing the one we have.

This screen also gives you the option of not using an avatar if you get tired of it.

Still have a question? Please respond to this post and I will be happy to help you with your avatar needs!

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