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Lightbulb What is the calendar for and how do I use it?

The calandar on this site is a great tool to let people know what is going on in each our lives (birthdays) and in our communities (both online and offline).

Is there a grand opening of a new store, open house at a local retailer or a free family event in your area? Many of these types of events have free samples, giveaways, exclusive bargains, drawings and many other FREE things for you and your family.

To add your event to the list go to the "Calendar" link in the function bar at the top of this page. You will see a page with the current month. At the top of the calendar there are 3 links: Show Today, Monthly View and Add New Event. Monthly View and Add New Event have small arrows next to them that expand to more options if you click them.

Most events added to this calendar will use "Ranged Event," because you want to let people know what time it starts and ends so they can go when the getting is good.

Name your event (please add the city and state after the name), select the dates and times of your event and select your local time zone (this will help prevent confusion to others in your area).

In the body, specify exact location, details, what is going to be offered and any other pertinent information that will help decide if someone wants to participate.

If your event happens every day, week, month or year be sure to use "Recurring Event" and start it on the correct day (if applicable) and select how often. It will continue to post this event on the calendar until the date you specify as the "end time."

Please keep all events posted in line with the purpose of this forum! (Don't tell us when your aunt's-mother's-cousin's-sister's anniversary is or when your next dentist appointment is! We love you, but frankly we don't care about that stuff. )

Once again, if you have further questions, please reply to this post and I will help you answer them!

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