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Default should explain more about the favorite show.

i am sorry i should explain more about this show mcleods daughter yesterday, it was my first time on formums posting, okay mcleods daughters show is filmed and run in australia and are in 6th season right now. we channel run episodes from pilot , season one to seaon 3rd and say that after april 1st no more, they wont run from season 4th to present now. so if we want to watch seaon 4 to prsent or any from season 1 to 3rd , we have to buy dvds from australia s which costs 100 dollars per season. and we dont have that kind of money so we hope maybe other networks would carry this show. as for reruns. i watch roseanne,murhy brown, etc. on nite. as thi sshow mcleoods daughters. they dont rerun excepts that they show episodes on saturady night then sunday morning, that is it. very rare show and wonderful show to watch . thank you.
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